EIFF: Frances Ha (2013)

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INTRODUCTION.  Frances is twenty-seven years old  and she dances for a living in New York city, or at least she tries to. In fact most of her life is about trying. Trying to make ends meet, trying to hold on to people, trying to let go, trying to stand on her own. And trying is something with which we can all relate.

CHARACTERS. Its characters are Frances Ha‘s driving points- from a relatable and charming titular figure to the plethora of personas we watch her run through. Having not yet found steady bearings after years in the big apple, Frances finds herself staring at peers racing ahead of her; earning stable incomes and falling into stable relationships and stable homes. From the getgo it’s easy to see that she is a flawed and fallible character. A faerie child with an ungainly walk but believable down to the tee, so much so that we instantly sympathize with her. As the film progresses we realize that this fallible dynamic extends to all its characters. We know these characters as people we have comes across in real life.

STORY. There isn’t much of a plot, independent from Frances and her darling escapades. This might be a weakness in some films but it works well for Frances Ha by conveying a fresh, memorable vibe- certainly thanks to its personas but also other factors. The movie is shot with monochrome beauty, emanating the emotion of yesteryear NYC and yet still complimenting the reality of its contemporary scene. This, in addition to an uplifting music track, brings more vitality to the story then technicolor could ever dream. We ride not on Frances’ coattails but at her shoulders: laughing when she laughs and even when she can’t, in those painfully unidealized moments so aflood with awkwardness that their credibility can’t be doubted. 

CONCLUSION. I had a fantastic time watching this film, with all its implications on individual lives in big cities, and I highly recommend it because we have all been Frances Ha. Some of us still are .


Yours Truly,


STORY: 6.5/10

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