EIFF: The Bling Ring (2013)

Don't let their looks deceive you, these are some dauntingly gutsy gals.

Don’t let their looks deceive you, these are some dauntingly gutsy gals.


INTRODUCTION. Neither groundbreaking nor mediocre, The Bling Ring leaves in its wake a disquieting sense of glamour. I’ve done a quick review of it here on the EUFS. This story of fame-obsessed teens turned robbers is a (morbidly) fascinating and beautifully crafted satire of contemporary themes in America’s celebrity scene. 

CHARACTERS. We don’t get a chance to see much of our characters’ lives outside of an alarming focus on designer brands and superstar headlines; in itself a fact telling of their own one-track minds. The actors are persuasive in their roles. Watson is altogether detestable and easy to laugh at, which makes her an easy favourite although she is far from being the central member of this young posse. The entire cast brings about a solid performance under Coppola’s clever use of stereotype. Actual celebrities are portrayed as two dimensional and we don’t sympathize with the small losses to their tremendous ‘wealth’, although the thefts are obviously not Robin Hood in nature. The desire for material goods is easy to understand even as we are repulsed by the lengths of their fixations. 

STORY. The plot revolves around an already publicised story and it wins no points for predictability. We know its ultimate conclusion but this doesn’t dampen the story. If anything, we anticipate their fates. Our morbid curiosity is a part of the charm, as is the aesthetic: sometimes revolving around the style and lack of substance that embodies our characters, sometimes displaying the robberies in a variety of astute perspectives. Unfortunately, there were noticeable points at which The Bling Ring seemed to drag on with little progression. 

CONCLUSION. I don’t regret going to see this on the big screen; the soundtrack certainly feels larger than life but it isn’t an especially remarkable film. Like our thieving posse, I suppose it depends on how much worth you put into a Coppola label and the social cred of going to see a popular film just as it’s being released in cinemas. Which reminds me. The Bling Ring is out nationwide in the USA on the 21st of June and in the UK on the 5th of July.


Yours Truly,


STORY: 6/10
OVERALL: 6.5/10

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