EIFF: Monsters University (2013)

Pick me! Pick me! Oh God it's high school all over again.

Pick me! Pick me! Oh God it’s high school all over again.


INTRODUCTION. The power of the prequel can be a notorious thing in the wrong hands- so thank goodness for Pixar and its perfectly capable digits. If you loved Monsters Inc. then you’re going to adore this. Monsters University is freakin’ delightful. You can find my fellow reviewer’s take on it later today on the EUFS.

CHARACTERS. We know these fellas, these old pals with sharp claws and gaping eyeball. They’re a little younger and a little none-the-wiser of things to come but to explain exactly how different they are would be to ruin some of the movie’s cutest punchlines. Essentially, both Mike and Sulley are still extremely likeable characters with more heart between the two of them than you could find in some entire films. It may take a while to warm up to their younger incarnations but they will win you over. Other characters fall into wittily satired college characters – intimidating Dean, earnest ‘nerds’, arrogant jocks. They are portrayed with enough exaggeration and humour to keep the stereotypes fresh. Any fan of the original will appreciate Pixar’s peppering of cameos. 

STORY. The plot progresses breezily, helped along by levity and endearing personalities but it moves towards a foreseeable direction. Even so you will find that they are able to surprise us by forgetting to do the expected. I appreciate that there is no obvious attempt to top Monsters Inc. although I admit that I haven’t seen the original recently enough to pull up a comparison. All I can substantially vouch for is how much fun it was and the warm fuzzies I got by watching these unconventional buddies be…well, unconventional.

CONCLUSION. Certainly give this a shot if you liked Monsters Inc. While I don’t suppose seeing Monsters University in 3D is a must, I do think that it’s a great film to watch on the big screen. Go with your friends, reassured that you will leave the cinema with a grin on your faces. That’s what the movies are for.


P.S. The animated short The Blue Umbrella, shown just before this, is pretty cute as well!


Yours Truly,


STORY: 7.5/10

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