I Catch a Terrible Cat (2012)

Now I want sushi too :(

He’s actually a very entertaining main character.


INTRODUCTION. Romantic comedy is not one of my favoured genres and when I Catch a Terrible Cat was described as one in the EIFF programme, I felt a prick of skepticism. I had heard good things however- so here it is, the first film I’ve taken in at the festival on my own time and money. It turned out to be a very different breed of the genre. Fortunately.

CHARACTERS. A representative for the movie’s director mentioned in her introduction speech that the story revolved around ten men and women. I wasn’t planning to keep count but there you have it! None of the characters are boring- their dynamic with one another keeps us interested and inquisitive. 60 year old Takada is as close as we get to a protagonist; while the plot shifts often to focus on other relationships as well, it consistently weaves a thread right back to the aging author. He is the most normal personality onscreen. I Catch a Terrible Cat has many eccentric characters but they are all alarmingly human in spite of their quirks. The film features close to no background music to heighten its comedy but these personas don’t need one to make us laugh, to make us feel. A refreshing break from onscreen formulas. 

STORY. Several of the scenes are shot in nearly voyeuristic fashion; others make us feel present in the room. Either way  we are unable to derive the full picture until its conclusion. I don’t doubt that audiences can spot a couple of the plot points coming from a mile away but for the most part, its pacing keeps the film from falling into patterns of prediction. It is an exceptionally entertaining story about love, and manages to convey a multiplicity of relationships that Hollywood incarnations consistently fail at executing (Valentines Day, He’s Just Not That Into You, etc).

Conclusion. It’s just over two hours long at approximately 130 minutes. There are some drawn-out instances but don’t let that discourage you. As long as we keep in mind that this won’t leave you with feelgood Hollywood sentiments, I see no reason not to enjoy I Catch a Terrible Cat


Yours Truly,


STORY: 7/10

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