EIFF: Lunarcy! (2012)

To infinity and...?

To infinity and…?



A sudden urge to write, to rhyme

has alas come over me this time,

so go on here for ‘proper’ views

or stay exactly in your pews

to read of Lunarcy! or such,

Which I did enjoy so very much.



Chris Carson is a strange ol’ chap

who’s drawn in detail a lunar map

a plan for Man to go once more!

The moon! The rock! God’s greyblue floor!

Him – and others- like Alan Bean

revolve around this lunartic scene

and although at first we laugh, we sneer

at Dreams which these good men hold dear

I promise there is more to spy

In their hearts than in our eyes,

that must look hard past mocking blinds

to see the jewel of such minds. 



But worry not, Ennis is skilled!

Director I mean, who must be thrilled

to know he’s tricked us all into seeing

that under these peculiar beings

are people just like you and me

full of glum and full of glee.

The tale is not so much the moon

not so much the place, the loon.

Like any movie worth its core

Lunarcy! is so much more.



Still reading? That’s sweet, I’m sure you know

That rhyming’s a business that goes by slow

but we’re at an end so I’ll take my bow

I’ll say: go watch this whenever (now?)

It’s a lighthearted, gut-knocking

smooth-sailing, sweet talking

film about dreams


and isn’t that all you need to know?


Yours Truly,


STORY: 7.5/10

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