EIFF: Lilou’s Adventure (2012)

Lilou and Kokoro

Lilou (left) and Kokoro


INTRODUCTION. A strange and sullen schoolgirl finds a friend in one of her classmates. Lilou’s Adventure is a story about the gravity of friendship when we are young and lonely. Izuru Kumasaka tackles the amalgamation of surrealism and practicality through which children view the world- a prism that I consider universal in its provocation of nostalgia.

CHARACTERS. The personalities in this film do well to capture a certain truth about what it is like to be a child; not as stereotypes but as three dimensional characters with unique problems and varying character flaws. What touched me the most was the children’s helplessness in trying to reign in their personal feelings, having been taught by society not to display that weakness in spite of evident emotive inability. We can hardly fathom the precise thoughts going through Lilou and Kororo’s mind – I’m a bit past Neverland for that – but it’s striking, how easily we can identify with these girls. Moreso than with the adult characters.

STORY. An upbeat soundtrack and lively cast may help certain points of Lilou’s Adventure go by breezily enough; just don’t expect a carefree tale. There is an eerie dissonance between Lilou’s urban fairy tale imagination and her pragmatic understanding of life. Figments of jarring tones and dream scenes interrupt the film’s more tangible drama while time, memory and reality become questionable through unpredictable transitioning. The storyline is worth the effort it takes to follow.

CONCLUSION. If you like dramas – and if you’ve ever been a child – this a great film to watch. Free up a couple of hours and some brainpower to join Lilou’s Adventure. 


Yours Truly,


STORY: 7/10
OVERALL: 7.5/10

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