About Time (2013)

I have deep concerns about that cardigan

I have conflicted feelings about that cardigan


INTRODUCTION. Every year the EIFF holds something they call a Surprise Film, in which you don’t know what you’re watching until they’ve locked you into the Theater and the movie starts playing (cue the maniacal laughter). I know! It’s a risk but this novelty draws in a full audience count so they must be doing something right. I’ll confess right now that when the title screen for About Time manifested itself, I had no idea what the film was about. It had not popped up on my radar of upcoming movies.

CHARACTERS. I give this category an extra point for Bill Nighy alone and you’ll have to watch the damned thing to see why. Other characters – including Tim, the protagonist – come across as standard. Archetypes portrayed in a light both humorous and deeply human, adding a dimension to their personalities that a different storyline might have lacked. These are people who vaguely resemble our generalised experiences as young adults, although their character development is handled clumsily. Nothing here to break your brain. They might, however, strain your heart. 

STORY. A curious feature of About Time is that I couldn’t pinpoint a particular climax. The plot progresses levelly throughout the film with regular bouts of anxiety in regards to the different conundrums caused by Tim’s ‘talent’. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS TALENT PLEASE STOP READING THIS SECTION RIGHT NOW. Right. I didn’t know beforehand that this wasn’t a drama but a science fiction drama involving time travel. Many readers by now will have seen trailers or summaries and will be better equipped for it-  to their disadvantage. The entire story is much more bizarre and enjoyable if you’re not expecting the sci-fi element. It is otherwise average; I’d also like to give fair warning that the ending gets a little preachy

CONCLUSION. If you don’t like lighthearted love stories or dramas, then you do not want to watch About Time. If such movies are right up your alley then you’ve just wasted ten minutes reading this instead of making cinema plans. It’s a good watch with some brilliant and comical highlights: but nothing special. 


Yours Truly,


STORY: 6/10
OVERALL: 6.5/10

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