Pacific Rim (2013)

Welcome to the ethnically and nationally diverse dystopian future!

Welcome to our new ethnically and nationally diverse dystopian future!


INTRODUCTION. This is coming a bit late but seeing as how Pacific Rim is still trending the Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook feeds… let’s give it a shot. Blockbusters are good for that after all. Having been assailed by the trailer on many accounts, I was greatly anticipating this film with its Independence Day vibes and larger-than-life graphics. 

CHARACTERS. Incidentally, I didn’t expect to like the characters as much as I did. They are likeable and human, thrown into a diverse fusion of witty dialogue. Granted, there was plenty talk about the resilience of mankind, our fighting spirit, but clichés can be overcome by a charming cast. We’ll give props to del Toro for avoiding some Hollywood tropes by giving depth to these personalities without lending them complex energies. Leads Kikuchi, Elba and Hunnam give endearing, earnest performances while side characters charm us with their oddly engaging personalities. 

STORY. Fairly predictable fare, considering the genre, though we’ll give them extra points for tactful internationalism. It’s trite to create an inhuman force with purely malevolent intent; a complete evil in contrast to the good of humanity. Unfortunately Pacific Rim wouldn’t work quite as well without monster aliens  so we must look past it. Look past banality at what is ultimately a story about both the overwhelming strength and fragility of an endangered race. 

CONCLUSION. A thrilling action-packed blockbuster with colossal robots, tough music and a tender heart. Also: Ron Perlman. 


Yours Truly,


STORY: 6/10

One thought on “Pacific Rim (2013)

  1. I apparently didn’t see the same film that everyone else did. I thought this one blowed so hard. I went in expecting and wanting big machines fighting monsters and came out with the same shitty script Power Rangers had.

    Also, in case you have not see this go to youtube right now and watch “How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended”

    “Go go, power vacuum.”

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