Rush (2013)

This is it, this is the entire movie.

This is it, this is the entire movie.


INTRODUCTION. Well this is certainly a belated review, considering that Rush is out of most cinemas (but not here in Malaysia, where I’ve been for the last month). I’m going to be upfront: this movie threw me for a loop and I absolutely adore it. I had such high expectations without so much as having seen the trailer and they were all satisfied. So really what I’m saying is LOOK AT WHAT YOU MISSED if you didn’t catch it while you could. That’s what DVD releases are for. 

CHARACTERS. Far from simply being a highlight, the characters of Rush are the premise of its entire story- which, you may know, is based on true events within the F1 Circuits of the 60s/70s. Director Ron Howard chose his cast wisely; even Hemsworth and his relatively speedy ascent to Hollywood fame does not detract from the persona of James Hunt. If anything, he enhances everything that made the wild and loose playboy such a heady celebrity.

Now… Niki Lauda. Brühl is where the film shines because I have rarely been so thoroughly convinced by a portrayal. Lauda is famously undiplomatic but you almost like him here; something brilliant because movies ought to reflect that more likeable side, obscured by general media depictions at the time. Best of all however is the dynamic of these two extraordinary forces who are equally compelling in their juxtaposition of personalities. 

STORY. It’s difficult to believe how faithful Howard and Morgan (writer) have been to the original events, and it does make the aftermath of Rush feel quite pleasant; but that’s just the icing on an already delicious cake, isn’t it? The story revolves around a prominent competition between Hunt and Lauda, and begins by foreshadowing the Nüburging incident – no spoilers don’t worry. The film’s pacing is altogether solid, peppered with light humour as well as tender glimpses while managing a sort of continuity that gives depth and scope to the plot. I wasn’t ever bored, and the audience is kept in tense anticipation of every single encounter between these undaunted men. Another plus is its glamorous aesthetic and riveting handling of racing scenes.

CONCLUSION.TL; DR? I’ll answer the two questions you’re probably thinking: (1) NO, you don’t need to enjoy F1 Racing to enjoy this, and (2) YES, there are some graphic scenes: sex, swearing, some bloodshed, though nothing that doesn’t add to the movie as a whole. So yeah, check it out! And admire my lack of racing puns!


STORY: 8.5/10
OVERALL: 8.5/10

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