Moon (2009)

I love me some space threads.

I love me some space threads.


INTRODUCTION. Another one that has been sitting on my list, festering with mixed feelings of anticipation and concern. Plans to see Thor 2 on the silver screen fell through and I decided it was about time to catch up on this . How glad I am to have done so.

CHARACTERS. Director Duncan Jones badly wanted to work with Rockwell on a project. The end result of this desire was a script written especially for the quixotic actor: Moon. Technically a one man show but really, there are at least two protagonists… both of them are intense, respectively complex characters. Rockwell expertly portrays loneliness as part of the infamous solitude of space habitation. While his propensity for charmingly eccentric personas is put to use, there is so much more here with which we can sympathize. I should also make mention of GERTY, a station robot who is a clever homage to HAL of Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey. He is very much a treat to observe.

STORY. Sam Bell is drawing close to the end of his three year contract with a corporation that mines supposedly clean, miraculous resources of energy on the moon. He is the mining site’s only human employee as everything else is either automated or supervised by GERTY. We join Sam two weeks away from his return to earth, just as he is suffering from frequent headaches and hallucinations. To expand any further on the plot would be to ruin it. What I can say is that Moon is a gradual, powerful story- engaging you with instances both endearing and acute. Jones has managed to compose a film that brings us to that sublime state of remembering how science fiction is ultimately about being human. Technology and fiction comes secondary to the story of ‘us’. 

Aesthetically, the movie is gorgeous and substantial. It’s hard to believe that it was made with a budget of 5 Million USD: Hollywood lightweight for this genre. I was entranced by the clunky and yet elegant outdoor spacesuit scenes, none of which would have been so stunning without Clint Mansell’s score. 

CONCLUSION. Worth the price of its DVD or blu ray, certainly worth the 95 minutes in which the story brilliantly unfolds. Go on then, visit the far side of the moon.


STORY: 8.5/10
OVERALL: 8.5/10

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