Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Have Mjölnir, Will Travel

Have Mjölnir, will travel!


INTRODUCTION. Oh hey, look at what we have here! So my good friend Isabelle and I finally got around to seeing Thor: The Dark World this weekend, and it was pretty much what I had expected. A witty, fun adventure that is not without a few (quite acceptable) faults. We had a blast, as I imagine most audience members will!

CHARACTERS. One of the best things about sequels, especially ones with two prior productions, is that characters possess an established history to lend them almost effortless depth. It is already known to us that Loki is a tortured soul- mischievous bastard – while Thor and his damsel in distress are prosaically meritorious. It felt like coming home… to a highly dysfunctional and entertaining family dynamic. Some might accuse Hiddleston of stealing Hemsworth’s thunder although I don’t think any one of the characters gave exceptional performances; they worked very well within the given paradigm. There is a brilliant sense of humour, heroism and tenderheartedness reflected in the film’s characters. We have known Thor & Co. for over a span of years now and the fondness we feel towards them is a great highlight of these Marvel movies.

STORY. I wanted to discuss Thor‘s villain above but the critique is better placed here, because really Malekith is the plot’s supposed driving point. In his quest to retrieve the ether, a powerful force that will help him poison the nine realms, he intrudes on the peace of Asgard as well as the life of Jane Foster. And yet – for such a pivotal role – he is remarkably two dimensional. This is evil without a face, without an attitude. Unlike Loki in The Avengers, we neither fear nor sympathize with his purely destructive and singleminded goals. So what I mean to say is that this is lazy storytelling. On the other hand, it serves as a solid canvas for the real motivation behind the story, which is character progression and plain old fun. So don’t expect intellectual similitudes. Thor: The Dark World makes little pretense of its aspirations.

CONCLUSION. If you liked the first Thor film even a little and if you intend on seeing the next Avengers production, then yes. You will want to see this. As always, please stay after the initial credits for a hint of things to come!


STORY: 6/10
OVERALL: 6.5/10

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