The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Props to the costume designers for this film.

No, I am not going to note the obvious reference here


INTRODUCTION. Alright! Let’s make this quick and painless. Catching Fire is the second instalment of The Hunger Games series and I will be reviewing the film as a reader of Suzanne Collins’ ace books. I frankly did not enjoy the volumes that followed the first, although I went through them like a good trooper! The same strategy applies to these movies- fortunately my soldierly diligence has now been rewarded.

CHARACTERS. adore Katniss as a no-nonsense, determined female character who (regardless) is susceptible to the vulnerabilities of youth and the avarice of strangers. Her qualities are far more patent in print but it’s easier to like this onscreen version, lacking Collins’ repetitive internal monologue. We’ve already been around the bend with the characters and it isn’t difficult to jump right back into the game this second time around, which only leaves me so much to say. Harrelson, Sutherland, Banks and Kravitz are brilliant side characters. Tucci and his teeth are absolute stars. Lawrence endears her co-stars to us simply by merit of her devotion to them. Suffice to say, the plot has allowed greater character interaction and progression, making for better chemistry between them than there was in The Hunger Games.

STORY. No spoilers here! I will say that Catching Fire is fairly faithful to its source, portraying events with stunning exactitude and going the extra mile in terms of costume design (Oscar worthy, perhaps?) as well as scenery. Those incidents that have been cut out were unessential to all but the pickiest of viewers. I’d also like to say that the film has excellent pacing- particularly for a plot with so much to encapsulate. It felt much shorter than the book and yet every inch as riveting. If you liked the first instalment even a little then you are bound to enjoy this.

 CONCLUSION. This is a no-brainer. Loved the books? Even a tiny bit curious? Worth the cinema ticket. And don’t worry, fans! The odds are totally in our favour. 


STORY: 7/10
OVERALL: 6.5/10

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