Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case (2013)

It occurs to me now that the title is a rather blatant giveaway...

It occurs to me now that the title is a rather obvious giveaway, isn’t it?

HELLO. I’m breaking format in this look at the final episode of Agatha Christie: Poirot, a British TV series based on the queen of mystery’s much beloved Belgian detective. The episode, running the length of a full feature film, aired in June of this year- and it has been running since 1989, give or take various lags in episode frequency. This show is even older than I am, which makes neither of us relics but certainly throws an impressive light on its loyal viewers. 

QUITE RECENTLY my good friend Beth brought up that it was likely for a studio in the near future to begin considering a reboot of the Poirot stories on television, now that its most marked portrayal has drawn to an end. I didn’t seem much bothered- not as a significant fan of the books, not even as a strong supporter of original content. Beth, however, was quick to point out that many viewers were more attached to David Suchet’s show than Christie’s ink and paper- which led me to think about reboots in general.

REBOOTS MAKE US NERVOUS. Well, they make fans nervous. The moment one is announced, a division opens amongst its advocates like a parted sea: the production is doomed from the getgo to fail utterly or succeed in some manner imaginable only to its filming crew. Either way curiousity is going to get the best of us and/or our wallets. The tragedy of reboots. Nothing has thusfar been announced for Hercule Poirot’s next iteration but here’s to it avoiding the recent trend of sharp-intellect-sharper-looks (*cough*Sherlock*cough*Elementary). 

WHY should you watch Poirot’s Last Case? Trust me when I say that anyone without previous experience of the show probably shouldn’t bother. Conversely, you don’t need to have seen many episodes at all to grasp the emotional depth and progression of Poirot’s final mystery. It is accessible to both the casual viewer and the hardcore devotee. 

OBVIOUSLY I recommend the entire show, which in my mind picks up best from The Mysterious Affair at Styles, third season. Perhaps give it a shot once the BBC has gotten over its month-long spurt of Holmes madness in January.


STORY: 8/10
OVERALL: 8.5/10

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