The LEGO Movie (2014)

Arguably my favourite new Batman?

Arguably my new favourite Batman?


INTRODUCTION. Everything good you have heard about it is true. I’m not even sure why you’re reading this when you should be queuing up to get a large popcorn and tickets to see The LEGO Movie.

STORY. Let’s get real here: many of us weren’t expecting much from this. Sub-par children’s film and parent fodder, cheap laughs, puns, really long advertisement, etc. Some of these things are present on the surface but there is a lot happening underneath the miscellanea of pop culture humour and blatant truisms. The plot follows a relatively familiar hero-legend pattern and revolves around Emmet, an ordinary LEGO man who seems to have mistakenly become “the chosen one”. Sounds trite, right? Fear not. Emmet and Co. will keep you laughing and wondering from start to end. I don’t typically enjoy cliches except, it seems, in the hands of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. They have handled archetypes in other similarly brilliant productions.

The LEGO Movie is extremely self aware. It isn’t following cookie cutter scenes, it’s using them to create an extremely fun and hyperactive narrative that carries larger themes: socialisation issues, government/public relations, segregation, creative methods, industry mindsets. If you want to read more about this I highly recommend Film Critic Hulk’s beautiful rant about the film.

CHARACTERS. I love LEGO people in general. It’s hard to sexualise them – something they aren’t afraid to poke fun at when the story’s central female protagonist, Wyldstyle, is introduced. For spoiler reasons, I’m not going to wax lyrical about the hilarity or diversity of The LEGO Movie’s cast except to say that they will probably make you sympathize with a piece of plastic in a way you haven’t since childhood. Also… Batman. Batman is pretty awesome. 

CONCLUSION. Hooooow are you still reading this?? I honestly cannot think of a reason for you not to watch The LEGO Movie. So grab a few friends – or siblings, or parents, or your friendly neighbourhood superhero – and give it a shot already!


STORY: 8.5/10

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