The Two Faces of January (2014)

Travelling in style~

Beautiful people travelling in style.


INTRODUCTION. I heard about this film by word of mouth, and upon seeing the poster knew that it was totally up my alley. Greece. Travelling. Intrigue. Thriller. Whaaaaat. 

STORY. The Two Faces of January follows an American couple who find themselves in trouble while abroad, and are aided by a resourceful fellow national. This movie is positively saturated with atmosphere. While rich in the mystery and tension typically attributed to the genre, it is executed with an unusual – striking, even – flair. Admittedly however this is a thriller that takes its time. I sometimes wished it did not although I can appreciate the warm and languid pace at which the plot progresses. Ultimately, a mistrustful viewer may find a strain of predictability. Don’t let that stop you from going to see this and enjoying everything that Hossein Amini does so well.

CHARACTERS. Mortensen, Dunst and Isaac are great at playing characters who possess varying measures of personality depth. While the plot can be transparent on occasion, the opposite is true where these three individuals are concerned. We are only given brief glimpses of the comprehensive identities while everything in between exists in dissonance: their past selves, present reality and future desires. They have to be watched to be appreciated, so I certainly recommend watching The Two Faces of January for that reason alone if nothing else.

CONCLUSION. It isn’t for everybody. Like mysteries? Like thrillers? Like any one of the three brilliant actors? Love, um, Greece? Yeah. Go for it. 


STORY: 6.5/10

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