X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Gotta love 'em threads.

Gotta love ’em threads.


INTRODUCTION. All you really need to know about X-Men: Days of Future Past is that Bryan Singer has avenged the legacy of his first two X-Men films by directing this movie, which salvages Brett Ratner’s absolute atrocity while generating a brilliant new continuity in the Marvel universe. But just in case you would like to know a little more…

STORY. If you saw the theatrical trailer and thought “whaaaaaat” well I’m here to say: it will all make sense. Eventually. Plot takes centre stage in this sequel to X-Men: First Class and it all begins (like Déjà Vu) with good ol’ Wolverine being sent back in time to prevent the culmination of a militarised dystopia. Right. So it isn’t the most straightforward of plots but it doesn’t require you as a viewer to grapple with the logistics of time travel – just go with the flow and let yourself get caught up in the ride. Keep an eye out for all the not-so-subtle political allegory.

In many ways, this wasn’t the story I foresaw at the end of First Class. Perhaps it is something arguably better. A tight, action-packed, witty narrative that slacks and quickens like a dream: all occurring against an epic background of events. For the casual audience, fun. For the Marvel-enlightened, X-Men: Days of Future Past will be an absolute blast.

CHARACTERS. Wow. There are just so many characters onboard. I grew up with the cartoons and mild knowledge of the comics so it gave me a real nostalgic rush to see all of these familiar faces. Therefore, quick warning to non-Marvel fans – you might be a touch overwhelmed by this uncharted territory. It isn’t important to know exactly who-is-who (they are mostly minor characters) so my best advice is not to get hung up on the details. 

Incorporating the older X-Men movies with the latest ones has given the film a lot of depth, effortlessly. I’m beginning to see this as the Great Marvel Movie Trick. It does what comics have always done so well, creating a continuity with pre-existing backgrounds and histories.

CONCLUSION. X-Men: Days of Future Past works best if you’ve seen the other X-Men movies. On its own, as a sequel to First Class, it still has great surprises and action. Go for it. Worth the cinema ticket and a night out with friends.


STORY: 8/10

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