22 Jump Street (and more)

Time for some new wardrobe additions~

Time for some new wardrobe additions~

Hold up. New review format guys! I’m busy with a couple of projects so you get a 3-in-1 look at stuff Nuri has recently seen!

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Unless you spent the last three years (rightfully) hiding from mainstream cinema underneath a rock, then you should know that 22 Jump Street is a continuation of the brilliant 21 Jump Street of Miller & Lord fame. Is this sequel exactly the same? Well, no, obviously not exactly. The best thing about the film is that it’s aware of itself as such. So brace yourself for absurd but well-meaning cops Schmidt and Jenko as they go undercover once again! A brilliant ride.

WORTH SEEING IN THE CINEMA? Only if you’re going with friends; comedies have that sparkling quality of being best enjoyed by large groups. Mind you, watching this stag doesn’t make it any less hilarious. 22 Jump Street is just as good as its predecessor. And much, much zanier. 

CONCLUSION.  If you liked Schmidt and Jenko’s forays into education the first time around, you’re gonna have a great time with the follow-up.

Gotta love those suits.

Gotta love those suits.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Not to be confused with Mel Gibson’s blatantly unimaginative thrillerEdge of Tomorrow revolves around Major William Cage – a cowardly member of the American military who has dodged actual battle in the war against aliens by doing a PR run instead.  Tom Cruise’s jackass smile is put to good use by portraying a jackass of a character. Cage eventually grows into something resembling a decent human being, while Emily Blunt’s Full Metal B*tch is instantaneously likeable. Together, they maintain decent chemistry in this surprisingly enjoyable summer release.

IS IT WORTH SEEING IN THE CINEMA? I’m going to go with a big fat yes. It’s an explosive, action-packed, witty holiday blockbuster. This is the movie you will want to see when you can’t make up your mind about what movie to see. That is the magic of its wide appeal. 

CONCLUSION. Tom Cruise repeatedly dying? BAMF heroine? Aliens? Time Travel? If any of these things interest you in the slightest, then Edge of Tomorrow is the way to go.


A scene which is ominous in its familiarity.

A scene which is ominous in its familiarity.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Quick background story. I attended a screening of In the Land of Blood & Honey at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict while in London. The movie played a significant role in affecting organizers to mobilise such a summit, and while it isn’t objectively the most riveting production out there, there is something to be said about the gravity of its birthplace.

At over two hours long, the story follows Bosnian Muslim Ajla when she is imprisoned by the Yugoslav People’s Army during the controversial Bosnian war. Ajla encounters an old flame at her place of imprisonment; the catch being that he is on the side of the Serbs.

IS IT WORTH SEEING IN THE CINEMA? No. You won’t find a cinema screening it anytime soon – it was released in 2011. In the Land of Blood & Honey is a slow movie that aims to shock and fascinate. It fails to do so with artistry while often coming across as being overindulgent in its visuals. There is a good message at its heart nevertheless – but if you wish to educate yourself on the tragedies of Bosnia-Herzegovina, this is probably not the best place to start.

CONCLUSION. A solid film to watch if you are interested in the subject matter. I wouldn’t recommend it but I am looking forward to Angelina Jolie’s next venture in the director’s seat.

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